Understand how collecting feedback after sharing a feedback report can affect anonymity

Collecting more feedback after a report has already been shared can compromise anonymity

In Spidergap, we've made it possible to reopen an assessment and collect more feedback after you've already shared the feedback report.

This flexibility is useful, but there's a risk of it affecting the anonymity of respondents.

For example:

  • Imagine a feedback report for Paolo. Paolo's has feedback from his manager and 3 peers.

  • The deadline passed, and you've now shared the feedback report with Paolo. The feedback report anonymizes the feedback from Paolo's peers so it's not obvious what score each peer gave.

  • A week later, Karen - another peer - returns from holiday and wants to give feedback. You reopen the feedback report, collect the feedback, and reshare the feedback report.

  • In the new feedback report, the results are still anonymized in the same way. However, by comparing the two reports, it's fairly easy to work out what scores and what comments came from Karen. As a result, Karen's feedback was not anonymous.

You can resolve this scenario by being clear with Karen that her feedback will not be anonymous. If she's not happy with this, then you may choose not to collect feedback from her.