Understand the Goal of 360° Feedback

360° Feedback supports the development of employees and leaders, but why do it?  

Simply put: you are the most valuable resource in your organization. Making sure that everyone in your organization is continually growing and developing ensures the future success of you and every one of your colleagues and ultimately, the organization itself.

You may take on multiple roles within a 360º Feedback project, each with its own benefits.

If you are giving feedback, you can expect:

  • You’ll get an opportunity to support your colleagues with their development

  • Improved performance among your colleagues

  • More supportive colleagues due to their active involvement in your development

  • Happier colleagues as they are supported with their learning and career growth

If you are receiving feedback, you should get:

  • Clarity and guidance on how you should improve

  • Recognition of what you do well, helping you understand and play to your strengths

  • Better coaching that is more focused on areas you should prioritize

  • Enjoyment through personal growth in the areas that are important to you and your role

If you are the manager of someone receiving feedback, you should have:

  • Easier and more productive coaching sessions with actionable results

  • A happier team that knows how to progress

  • Improved team performance and clear development of skills

  • More openness and trust among your team

For the organization as a whole, leaders can expect:

  • Higher employee engagement and satisfaction

  • Better retention of high performing employees

  • Stronger culture as people review their behavior vs. the organization’s values

  • Improved organizational performance delivered by engaged employees who demonstrate the right behaviors