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Add or remove the desired performance scale (Jan 2019)
Add or remove the desired performance scale (Jan 2019)
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We've updated the questionnaire designer to make it really easy to add or remove a desired performance rating scale:

We recommend asking for feedback on both current and desired performance if the behaviors being rated are not always considered equally important.

For example, if you have a feedback assessment that focuses on generic soft-skills, you may find:

  • Outstanding communication skills are considered essential for your sales reps, but less so for your software developers

  • Analytical skills are considered really important for your developers, but less so for the sales reps.

In this scenario, getting feedback on the desired performance will make it much easier to see which areas need improvement.

New projects now only assess current performance (by default)

As part of this update, we have also updated our standard template to only look at current performance.

While comparing current vs desired improves the quality of feedback in some scenarios, this isn't always the case, so we've made it optional. 

Specifically, if you customize your questionnaire around your organizational values (recommended!), or the skills relating to a specific role, then you may find that all the areas being assessed are equally important. In this scenario, just collecting feedback on current performance works great!

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