Yes - though the approach to take depends on whether you want different reports for the same employee, or different reports for different groups of employees.

Different reports for the same employee

There are times when you may want to have two different report designs about the same employee.

For example, you might want one report showing views of every category of respondent (for the manager) and one report showing only the views of self and the manager (for the employee).

To do this:

  1. First, edit the report settings to design the report for the manager. You can update the settings on the Design > Reports page.

  2. Download the individual reports as PDFs and share them with the managers

  3. Then go back to the report settings and amend the reports to how you want to display them for the employees

  4. Once ready, share the reports with the employees  

Different reports for different employees

If you want to have a different questionnaire and/or report for different employees, it may make sense having separate projects for each group of employees.

You can copy an existing project and then update the settings as needed.

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