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Enable Approval for Feedback Providers Selected by Employee

For each employee receiving feedback, you can have their manager review, amend, and approve their list of feedback providers.

When completing the 'Bulk upload', you'll see you can also identify the employee's approver details:


Identifying that an employee should select their feedback providers, and then identifying an approver, will result in an employee-led process (where the employee chooses the feedback providers) and have an approval step so that the process works like this:

1. Invitations are sent to employees asking them to identify feedback providers


2. Employees click on the link in the email, taking them to a page where they can identify the names, emails, and relationships of people whom they want to provide feedback about them


3. Once submitted, emails are sent to the associated approvers for them to review, amend, and approve the selections (you can customize all the emails).


4. By clicking on the link, the approvers can then make changes, and when happy, click to approve.


5. Invitations are sent to feedback providers requesting their feedback


6. Feedback providers click a link in the email to go to a survey page to provide their feedback.