Make Purchases for Clients as a Spidergap Partner

Spidergap Partners often purchase plans and licenses on behalf of their clients and pass on the cost — here's how we recommend managing it

We highly recommend you purchase plans and licenses directly from Spidergap and include the usage of the tool in the total cost to client.

This is because:

  • It will allow you to focus on discussions with the client on the outcomes they are looking for (focus on value), rather than talk about the specific ‘things’ that need doing.

  • It will allow you to charge the client a total based on the value you are delivering — rather than charging per employee, or per hour..
  • Splitting the cost of Spidergap may result in the client putting pressure on you to reduce your fees.

Please note:

  • We don’t prevent clients working with us directly as there may be good reasons why they choose to stop working with a partner. However, we tend to find that if you build a strong relationship, provide good value to the client through a well-managed project, good communication, and support them delivering the impact of the 360, they will struggle to get the same value without your continued support.

It is possible to get your client to buy direct if needed, but please contact to ensure discounts are provided correctly.

Here’s a link to learn more about How Spidergap Partner Discount works .