Set Up an Assessment in Your Language

Spidergap assessments can be translated into almost all languages

You can manually translate your questionnaire, email templates and feedback report into most languages.

This page explains how to add your translations, and a few limitations.

Translate your questionnaire

You can set-up your questionnaire in our questionnaire designer by opening your project and going to Design > Questionnaire. This allows you to translate the:

  • Questionnaire title

  • Questions

  • Sections

  • Help text

There are a few parts of the questionnaire that cannot currently be edited in the questionnaire designer, including the validation text, text on the submission button, and the thank you message. 

To translate these, go your project's Settings > Languages page and follow the instructions.

Translate your email templates

Our email templates are fully customizable, so you can translate the subject and body into your language. 

How to edit the email templates

How to translate your feedback report

To translate your feedback report, go your project's Settings > Languages page and follow the instructions.


  • We do not currently support right-to-left languages (e.g. Arabic, Farsi).

  • The page for participants to choose their own feedback providers is only currently available in English. We plan to change this in future, but in the meantime feedback providers can be added by a project administrator.

  • All project administrator pages are only available in English. We do not currently have plans to translate these pages into other languages.

  • We currently only support one language per project.